Ways of Childproofing Your Garage Door

If you own a house, you likely use your garage door frequently to access your car and other types of equipment and tools that are stored in the building. If you have children, there’s always the risk of an accident occurring as the garage door opens and closes, which can be frightening for parents. If you want to protect your kids and have peace of mind, there are a few methods for childproofing your garage door for a higher level of safety on the property.

Reposition the Garage Door Opener

Older children are often capable of reaching up to push on a garage door opener if it’s placed too low, which can make them at risk of getting hurt. Hire a professional who performs Los Angeles garage repair to reposition the device to ensure it’s installed higher on a door frame or wall that is out of reach. A cover can also be used to prevent anyone from having contact with it.

Seal Gaps on the Door Panels

Gaps that are present on the door panels are a hazard for children because it’s an area where kids are prone to place their fingers. Fortunately, this is an easy fix by adding rubber seals where the gaps are present, which can be custom cut by a technician to ensure they fit securely.

Install Locks on the Door

Garage door locks are extremely useful when it comes to childproofing the door because they reinforce sensors and prevent the door from opening or closing. You won’t have to worry about a toddler becoming injured if they attempt to push the door opener when you’re not present. The lock can be installed on the inside or outside of the door and will prevent it from opening unless it’s unlocked by an adult, which can allow you to have more control of the device when it’s not in use.