How to Make Your Garage Door Operate Quietly

Garage doors feature many different parts and mechanisms that can make them noisy when they open and close. Although some people may assume that the noise is normal and can’t be avoided, there are still a few main components of a quiet garage door. Here are a few necessary steps to take to make the parts operate quietly when it’s in use.

Lubricate the Parts

One of the most important steps you can take to maintain and care for the garage door is to lubricate the parts every few months. With added lubrication, the parts can move back and forth smoothly without added traction or friction that is created. Performing this task will also protect the parts from excessive wear or damage. All metal parts that have contact with other metal should be lubricated, which includes the hinges and rollers. Avoid using oil or grease and opt for applying a petroleum-based lubricant.

Perform Repairs

Excess noise is often a sign that there’s an issue with the parts and that the garage door requires the attention of a professional technician that is qualified to perform Los Angeles garage repair. If you can clearly hear the garage door open and close while you’re in the house or are down the street, then it’s time to contact an expert who can diagnose the issue and perform the necessary repairs.

Install Extra Insulation

Insulated garage doors operate quieter compared to non-insulated garage doors due to the extra material that is installed, which means it may be time to add insulation instead of having to install a new door. Consider using polyurethane insulation because it easily adheres to the walls of the doors easily and offers increased rigidity once it’s in place. The insulation is affordable to purchase and will muffle any sounds that are created as the parts are in motion to create a quieter setting that is more peaceful.