Learn why it’s important to have an architect help you pick out a new style of garage door for your home.

Coordinating with an Architect When Choosing a Garage Door

It’s always good to have a professional opinion when you are making and investment. A new garage door is no different as it is important for the appearance and safety of your home. It doesn’t mean your new door has to match your house exactly, but it does have to harmonize to increase curb appeal, and an architect can help.

An Architect Knows the Style of Your Home

If you are looking for garage door repair in Los Angeles or would like to install a new garage door, it’s a good idea to determine the architectural style of your home first. You may know you have a modern style or ranch style, but many people have no idea about the style. Unlike other parts of the country where many homes look the same, Los Angeles has a wide variety of styles from Early American to French Provincial. Your home may be rustic, Spanish, ultra-sleek or English manor style.
Carriage style doors are often suitable for a Victorian-style house. For a ranch-style house, the garage door can have some detail such as raised panels, textured tiles and windows.

Style and Substance

Along with style, the type of garage door also needs to be considered. You may decide a wooden door compliments your house, but live too close to the ocean for wood to be a good choice. You need a material that will not mold or deteriorate due to moisture. Faux wood or steel would be your best choice, and you can get those materials in a wide variety of styles. For a contemporary style home, aluminum and fiberglass are good choices.

You may not realize how much a garage door can influence the appearance and value of your home. Talking to an architect about your plans is the best way to be sure your investment gets a good return. A Victorian carriage door with carriage lights may look ridiculous on the clean, straight lines of your new modern home, for example.