Los Angeles garage door repairMaintenance Tips Endorsed by Los Angeles Garage Door Repair Services

Your garage is one of the essential entry points to your house. And like any point of access, it requires proper protection as denoted by proficient Los Angeles garage door repair companies. If you can’t leave your house’s front door open for anybody to enter, why does it seem hard to maintain and secure the garage door frequently?

Given that an ordinary garage door weighs hundreds of pounds, the only way to assure your safety while operating it is to ensure it’s functioning properly and moving well. A secure garage door offers protection against potential injuries or damages caused by its operation. It should also protect against burglaries.

An ordinary garage door incorporates valuable safety features such as motion detection, manual control, and auto-reverse. If you have installed an automatic garage door, it necessitates frequent maintenances, and if possible, it would be helpful to install garage door springs to make it securer.

Read on to learn more about the garage door safety features you shouldn’t wait to repair.


Today’s garage doors are much safer, thanks to the auto-reverse feature. The best thing about this feature is that it prevents the door from crushing on anyone or any object the door may encounter. As the garage door closes, this feature senses the movement under the door and automatically reverses the motion.

While this feature may be to some extent irritating to individuals trying to swiftly bend under a closing garage door without interjecting its movement, experts designed it to prevent the number of injuries and fatalities that occurred previously because of garage doors’ continuous movements. Therefore, your garage door’s auto-reverse feature needs regular checks from the best Los Angeles garage door repair company to ensure it’s working appropriately.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors have two primary purposes. First, they are vital components of the auto-reverse feature. Second, they determine whether an object is interrupting the sensor’s path. Most are designed to turn on the garage lights when tumbled.

Under normal circumstances, the lights will stay on for roughly five minutes to let you figure out what’s happening in the garage. As you can see, maintaining them keeps you safe and deters potential break-ins.

The Manual Control

Whether a garage door is automated or not, having a manual control feature is vital. How will you operate the door if there is a power interruption and you want to get out? Well, here is where a manual control feature comes in handy.

Usually, a garage door will incorporate an emergency release handle to configure it into a manual mode. With this mode switched on, you can easily open or close the door. Often, this manual release is operated by a rope comprising a red handle.

Another valuable function of a manual release is that it serves as a crucial safety feature if an individual gets pinned under the garage door when the photo eyes, motion detectors, and auto-reverse features are inoperative.

Once you disengage the manual release, you can easily use your hands to operate the garage door. The door will be easy and light to operate as the attached door springs counterbalances the weight.

Photo Eye Sensors

Also known as electric eye sensors, photo-eye sensors are small camera-like boxes mounted approximately six inches above the ground. They can be located on either side of the garage door. Like the motion detectors, photo-eye sensors stop or reverse a garage door when it encounters a disruption.

They operate by sending an invisible infrared beam across the garage door’s opening. If this beam is tumbled, the garage door reverses direction. On the other hand, it doesn’t move if it’s closed. Though photo eye sensors are essential safety features, they are sometimes nuisances.

For instance, the door will not work correctly if the photo eyes are misaligned, the lenses are dusty, there is an electrical problem, or an object is blocking the door’s path. In such a case, you can use a piece of dry cloth to clean the sensors, manually adjust the photo eyes, or contact a professional to check and reconnect any loose wires.

Smart Garage Door Openers

The safety garage door features are ever evolving, and the newest innovation is the smart garage door opener. This feature lets you monitor the garage door activity and operate it remotely. The best thing about this innovation is that it instantly alerts you about suspicious events. It also lets you oversee your loved ones and double-check whether you have closed the garage door before leaving the house.

Pinch-Resistant Hinges and Panels

Some garage doors, mainly the outdated ones, have space between them where a hand or finger can get caught and squeezed, thus leading to a severe injury when the panels fold as you close the door. Well, this scenario can be hazardous to kids.

Luckily, there are much more innovative garage doors with pinch-resistant hinges and panels. Thanks to this ground-breaking technology, the panels roll over one another, thereby leaving slight gaps. This tech significantly lowers the risk of hand injuries. Thus, it would be beneficial to ensure that pinch-resistant panels and hinges are constantly maintained.

Lighting Around the Garage Door

Installing lights around the garage door serve both a practical and decorative purpose. Certainly, lights can display the attractive functionalities of a well-made garage door. Additionally, housebreakers will be less expected to approach a well-lit area. So, make sure the lights above the garage door and on the ground are in the best working condition.

The Significance of Routine Maintenance

Hiring skilled Los Angeles garage door repair companies to service your garage door regularly is vital in ensuring it runs smoothly so that you can enjoy optimal security. A specialized technician will guarantee that all safety equipment reviewed above is working appropriately. The professional will also ensure that potential treacherous issues are stopped by ensuring that all garage door components are functional.

So, if your garage door is beginning to show signs of deteriorating safety features, you should consider hiring skilled garage door services in Los Angeles. A specialized garage door repair company can offer you the much-needed garage door maintenance services, from assessing the proper working of the auto-reverse feature to installing new garage door springs.

Above all, you should assess the garage door yourself and repeatedly carry out a couple of essential maintenance tasks.