What Are the Common Garage Door Electrical Problems?

Whether your garage door is relatively new or has been in operation for more than 10 years, there’s always a possibility that the door could stop working properly because of an electrical problem. If you find that your garage door is having issues, there are several electrical problems that you should be on the lookout for.

Minor Electrical Problem of Dead Transmitter Batteries

The transmitter on the wall in your garage is required to send a signal to your garage door in order for the door to open or close. If you click the transmitter and notice that your garage door doesn’t open or close, it’s possible that the batteries could be dead, which is the easiest electrical problem to fix. Once you remove the batteries and replace them with new ones, make sure that you check the signal. If the door still isn’t operational, there may be a more serious problem that needs to be corrected.

Misaligned Photo Eye

The photo eye on your garage door is situated a few inches above ground level. When this technology is working properly, it will detect if something is in the path of the garage door and send a signal to the door to stop and reverse. If this technology isn’t working as it should, it could be dangerous for you and anyone else who uses the garage, which is why you should contact a repair company immediately.

Incorrect Limit Settings

If you find that your garage door immediately opens up right after it closes, it’s possible that the problem is an electrical one. This issue can be caused by poor limit settings with your garage door opener. The limit range that you set tells the opener how much it needs to move before being closed. If this range is too high, the opener will assume that the door is coming into contact with an object when it touches the ground, which is why it reverses. For the majority of these problems, you will likely require a professional service to perform a garage door repair in Long Beach. By contacting a reputable repair company, your garage door should be fixed in an expedient manner.