Latest Garage Door Designs to Consider

Your garage door is one of the first features that people spot when visiting your home or passing by, which makes it necessary to have a product that has a high level of appeal and looks contemporary. As the styles of homes evolve, there are also new trends when it comes to garage doors. Here are a few of the latest garage door designs to consider for your residential property.

Foldaway Doors

Although most garage doors open vertically, more homeowners are installing foldaway doors that open horizontally and are known as a vintage European look that is chic and unique. Those who select foldaway doors that are constructed out of wood should consider the color shade that complements the style and architecture of the home to create a seamless look on the home’s exterior. Foldaway doors are also a benefit because they can reduce the need for a garage door repair in South Beach due to the mechanism of how they open and close.

Solid Panel Trim

More people are now selecting garage doors with solid panel trim because it’s a European design that looks upscale and attractive on the houses. For example, some doors have light door panels on their garage, which can have a high level of contrast with a dark color of trim, which allows the panels to stand out and pop. The design is highly favored because it creates a uniform style on the entire garage door, which is eye-catching and can boost the value of the property due to its appeal.

Glass-Paneled Garage Door Designs

Glass is known as a chic and upscale material that creates a modern style on residential properties. Glass-paneled garage doors are one of the latest trends in the industry that allow natural light into the garage and are available in a variety of patterns and shapes. If you want extra privacy, consider installing frosted glass-paneled doors to prevent onlookers from peering into the building. There are also a variety of color shades available to complement the exterior style of your home.