Advantages of a Side Mount Garage Door Opener

When it’s time for a Los Angeles garage repair or having a new one installed on a new house that has recently been built, there are many options that are available. Side mount garage door openers are increasing in popularity among homeowners due to the convenience and efficiency that they offer. Here are a few of the top benefits of installing a side mount garage door opener in the building.

Low Maintenance

One of the main reasons homeowners are opting for garage door openers that are mounted on the side is because they’re easy to maintain compared to traditional openers. Lubricating a jackshaft is an easy task because you won’t have to worry about the lubricant dripping on the roof of your vehicle or the garage floor. The lack of rails that are present with the device also means that there’s one less part to grease up each time.

Avoid Obstructing the Ceiling

An additional benefit of garage door openers that are mounted on the wall is that it doesn’t obstruct the ceiling. They’re mounted on the side of the garage door, which offers convenience if you plan to park at least one vehicle in the garage. There’s even a lower risk of damage occurring because the device is kept out of the way and in an area that isn’t accessed as frequently in the garage.

Save Extra Space

Most homeowners want as much space as possible in their garage to ensure they have more room for storing their personal belongings throughout the year. With a side mount garage door opener, you won’t have to worry about taking up space in the headroom of the garage because jackshaft openers are placed on the side. You can have more room for mounting sporting equipment, yard tools, and other types of products in the space to ensure all of the space is utilized throughout the year.