Four Tips for Choosing Energy-saving Garage Doors

With temperatures in Los Angeles often reaching above 84 degrees and average lows in the winter reaching into the upper 40s, your car may feel too hot or too cold. This can make you not want to leave home. Instead of getting cabin fever, you may want to think about insulating your garage better through a new garage door. Your car will feel warmer and cooler when you get in it, and you will save money on your heating and cooling bills.

Choose Your Garage Door Material

While steel, metal, wood and composite doors are all beautiful, from an energy-saving standpoint opt for a steel is usually the best option. Look for choices with many different layers with insulation between each one.

Think About End Blocks

When you choose a new garage door, look for ones with wooden end blocks. They do a better job of holding the insulation in the door in place than other options. Wood does not transfer heat or act as a thermal bridge. Therefore, the interior of your garage stays at a stable temperature.


The garage door should have flexible weatherstripping on the outside. It should also have it across the bottom of the door. This ensures that air does not seep in these cracks.

With the advancements in garage doors, you may want to replace yours soon. The energy savings may save you enough that you will want to change your garage door even if it is not broken. Contact your Los Angeles garage door experts to learn more details.