Prevent Water From Seeping Under Your Garage Door

One of the most important ways to maintain your garage door is to protect it from the elements. During wet weather conditions, rainwater or melted snow is prone to seep under the garage door and can often lead to flooding or damage in the garage. If you want to protect the space and secure your garage door, there are a few main steps to take as a homeowner.

Install Gutters

One of the best ways to prevent the garage door from allowing water into the building is to install more gutters on your property. Guttering on the garage will redirect the water if it’s coming from the roof of the home during a storm. The gutters that are installed should also redirect all of the water away from the building to ensure that the foundation of the house is protected from potential damage.

Use Seals

If you’re experiencing flooding in the garage or water that enters through the door, you may need to replace the seal on the bottom of the garage door. Seals that become worn or damaged can allow pests, dirt, and water into the space. You may notice that the seal no longer touches the floor of the garage when the door is closed. Raised rubber floor seals are also effective to prevent minor water problems that can develop and are both easy and affordable to install.

Add a Trench Drain

Many driveways that slope down towards the garage often experience water issues during the winter season, making it necessary to install a trench drain to channel the water away from the house. Trench drains are installed near the front of a Los Angeles garage door by creating a trench in the concrete that spans across the door. A grate that is installed will allow water to flow through and will prevent the moisture from having contact with your garage door.