Garage Door Features to Consider in California’s Weather

The general weather in Los Angeles is sunny almost all the time, but there are other considerations when choosing a garage door. If you need a Los Angeles garage door repair often because of the climate, you may need a new door that is suitable for your area.

Hot Weather Insulation

Spring, summer and fall can be extremely hot in Southern California, which is why most homes, cars, shops and offices are air-conditioned. If your garage is not air-conditioned, you could be losing cool air and raising your energy bill due to leaks. Insulation is the single most important feature to keep hot air out and cool air in.

You may think that since your garage is closed off from the rest of your house, it’s doesn’t need to be insulated. However, this isn’t true. As your garage becomes hotter and hotter, it will suck cool air out of your home, when the door is open, through tiny holes and even through the walls.

Near the Pacific Ocean

If you live right on the beach or even a few blocks away, your garage door, and the rest of your house will be affected by the salty mist from the ocean. This is one reason why wooden doors are not recommended near the beach. However, if you simply must have a wooden garage door to match the style of your home, you can get beautiful faux wood doors that stand up to the climate.

Fire-Prone Area

If you live in a fire-prone area, your best option is a steel door that is thermally sealed. It shouldn’t have any glass windows.

You may want a garage door that enhances your homes curb appeal, but don’t overlook the feature needed for your local weather. This will also add value to your home.