Top Popular Styles of Garage Doors for 2020

If you are looking to change up the appearance of your garage, you might want to look into getting a new garage door. There are some popular styles for 2020 that have really caught the eye of many homeowners.

Popular Styles: Traditional Raised Panel

One of the most popular styles of garage doors for 2020 so far is the traditional raised panel. These are garage doors that are highly common and tend to be cheaper in price than other options. Generally, they feature rectangular or square panels made of wood. While there are garage doors made of faux wood as well, you might want to avoid those as they aren’t as durable. This type of garage door features a contemporary style as well.

Stamped Carriage House

One of the best garage door trends for this year is the stamped carriage house style. This is one of the most popular styles and gives a fond nod to an older look by essentially mirroring the style of the doors from a carriage house. They are usually made of steel but have an embossed wooden finish to give them a highly sophisticated appearance.

Stamped Shaker

Another of the top styles of garage doors for 2020 in the stamped shaker. It’s named as such because the design on the door is literally stamped right into it. While these doors are made of metal, if you run into an issue and require Los Angeles garage door repair, you shouldn’t have a problem getting it fixed. This is a contemporary style that is lovely and can match up well with your home no matter what its style.

Overlay Carriage House

The overlay carriage house is among the most popular styles of garage doors for 2020 as well. They are perfect when your house has carriage style doors. It’s easy to get them and only requires securing wood or steel panels right onto your existing garage door. They are a beautiful, decorative option if you want something on the fancy side.

These are popular garage door styles for 2020 so far. You can choose the one that best fits your preference.