What Components Are in the Middle of a Garage Door?

It’s important to understand how a garage door is manufactured as well as the components that are used to make it functional. This will provide you with years of low maintenance and a little knowledge in the event that you want to DIY a certain project. Therefore, the following list includes a detailed list of the components located within the middle part of the garage door.

The Hinge Components

The hinges often go unnoticed despite their size and importance to the garage door’s overall structure. Hinges can be found along the sides of the garage door and are used to connect all the parts of the door together. They should be looked over at least twice a year to ensure that they are still strong enough to hold your door. You may seek the services of a garage door repair in Los Angeles company to ensure that a proper inspection is conducted.

Door Panels and Bottom Brackets Components

Perhaps the most common thing people are familiar with is the garage door panels. The panels offer two benefits to homeowners and their garage door. These include protection against strong winds and from objects hitting the door. A bonus benefit includes adding an extra touch of curb appeal to the property.

Running along the bottom portion of the garage door is the bottom brackets. These provide the door with an extra layer of support that is needed to lift it up and down safely.


Many, but not all, garage doors will come with insulation within them. This is included in a garage door to conserve as much energy as possible. Homeowners enjoy this addition because it helps to not only make the home/garage that much more comfortable, but it lowers monthly utility bills.