Three Parts of Your Garage Door That Need Regular Lubrication

Garage doors and their openers have multiple moving parts. When two of those parts come together, they will cause wear and tear on each other if there is not enough lubrication. If the loss of lubricant is not promptly taken care of, the parts could prematurely fail and require a garage door repair in Long Beach. Consider these three parts of your garage door that need regular lubrication.


The rollers are located along the sides of the garage door. They move the door up and down the track. If the rollers lose their lubrication, they may move unevenly. This could lead to a lot of noise when the door opens or closes. If you notice that the door is getting noisy when you use it, arrange for a professional maintenance visit for the garage door.


The hinges of the garage door also need to be kept well-lubricated. The hinges are located between the panels of the door. Made of metal, the hinges are at risk of rust and corrosion. Each time the door opens or closes, the hinges are exposed to the elements. They could also be splashed with automotive fluids or dirty water from puddles. The metal hinges need lubrication every three to four months if you use your garage door every day.

Drums and Cable

The garage door’s drums and cable also need regular lubrication. Without lubricant, these parts may rust or corrode. They may also overheat, which could lead to a premature failure of the garage door or its opener. In most cases, the drums and cable should be lubricated two or three times per year. If your garage is not heated, air-conditioned or insulated, it may need more frequent lubrication for all its parts. This is because the extreme temperatures cause a faster breakdown of the lubricants.