Living in a coastal area means living near the beach. While this has plenty of advantages, it can work against you as saltwater air can damage your garage door. As a result, you will want to choose the right saltwater-durable door for your garage to withstand the elements.

Choosing the Right Saltwater-durable Door for Your Garage

If you live in an area in which the air has a high salt content, you should already know that the air is highly corrosive. With saltwater air, there is a higher risk of your garage door suffering damage that is more than simple wear and tear. You need a saltwater-durable door to ensure that your garage lasts for many years to come and keeps your car and other property safe. It’s important to know what types of materials are best for salty air.

Saltwater-Durable Door Requirements

There are certain requirements you need when choosing a saltwater-durable door for your garage. Certain materials are not good for garages exposed to saltwater air. First and foremost, you want to choose something moisture-resistant. It’s wise to avoid materials such as basic wood and steel. The former requires constant treating, which can be costly and time-consuming. The latter, while durable, can easily dent and rust. Even if painted, steel garage doors in saltwater air can see peeling and flaking, which takes away from its aesthetic quality. There are better options that won’t cost you so much time, trouble and money.

Glass Resin Polyester

One of the best options for saltwater-durable door for your garage is that made of glass resin polyester or GRP. These are garage doors made from fiberglass, which is durable and does not easily corrode when exposed to salty air. They are also fairly lightweight, but you won’t need to get frequent garage door repair in Los Angeles if you ensure they are properly insulated. They can be painted and are resistant to weather conditions. They are low maintenance and are less expensive than other materials.


If you want a saltwater-resistant door for your garage that is more on the modern side, consider aluminum. They too are lightweight and are attractive and durable. They are built to last, which means you can save money in the long term. Aluminum also offers better insulation, so when the weather turns chilly, your car and belongings will remain especially safe.

The best way to choose the right saltwater-durable door for your garage is to research thoroughly. You will ultimately be able to opt for the garage door that’s best for you.