Why You Should Consider Adjusting Garage Door Height

If you’re using an electronic opener to open and close your garage door, there are times when it may be necessary to adjust the garage door height. While it’s possible to manually fix any height issues that occur when you use the door opener, it’s much better to simply adjust so that the door opens and closes properly each time.

Main Reasons to Adjust Garage Door Height

There are numerous reasons why it’s important to adjust your garage door height, which can be done via the electronic opener that you already own. The opener has limit settings that dictate the closing and opening levels of the garage door. If the limit settings for your opener are slightly off or incorrect, it’s possible that the door won’t shut completely, which causes a range of issues. For one, it leaves open the possibility that critters will get into your garage and cause damage. Incorrect height settings also make it possible for intruders to get into your home. As such, adjusting the height can bolster your home security. When opening the door, you also need the right height to make sure that your vehicle isn’t damaged.

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Potential Door Problems to Look Out For

One common cause of problems is an issue with your sensor. If your garage door reverses when closing, it’s possible that an object could be obstructing the sensor or that the sensor could be malfunctioning. The limit screws that are used for your opener might also be set in the incorrect position, which could create height issues.

How to Adjust Garage Door Height

In order to adjust your garage door height, you will need a couple of essential tools, including a stable ladder. Move your car out of the garage and place the ladder directly under the opener. You should see placement screws on both sides of the equipment piece. Typically, the screws are plastic and labeled either ‘down’ and ‘up’ or ‘close’ and ‘open’.

To decrease door height, you will either adjust the ‘down’ or ‘close’ screw and the opposite if you would like to increase door height. It might take a couple of tries to find the perfect height, so be patient with the process.

Importance of Obtaining Help From Reputable Repair Company | Garage Door Repair South Beach

While it’s possible to adjust the garage door height yourself, doing so can be time-consuming and may cause you to worsen the issue. To make sure that the job is performed correctly, you should have a repair company make the adjustments for you. If you want to have your garage door height adjusted, consider contacting a Los Angeles garage repair company to provide you with these services.

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