Types of Garage Repairs You May Need After a Storm

Although Los Angeles generally enjoys nice weather for most of the year, it is possible for severe weather to come through. If that happens, you may need a prompt garage repair in Los Angeles. Keep these three types of storm damage and necessary repairs in mind the next time a severe weather event comes through the area.

Garage Door Repairs

The garage door is the weakest point of the structure. Its large surface and light weight make it easy for wind to blow in or out. This could damage or destroy the door. Damage to a single panel of the door could be significant enough to necessitate a replacement. The door’s side tracks may also be damaged by strong wind gusts. Consider a replacement door with a high wind rating and reinforced structure.

Roof Repairs

Intense winds could cause a negative pressure effect inside of the garage. This could result in roof damage from the inside. Gusts of wind blowing across the outside part of the garage’s roof could tear off the shingles, sheathing and waterproofing. The garage’s roof is often large with a minimal slope, which puts it at risk for major roof damage. Get this part of the garage inspected after a major weather event.

Structural Repairs

In some cases, a garage may need structural repairs after strong sustained winds or a major weather event. If any of the support beams or joists are damaged or hit by debris, they need to be replaced. If part or all of the roof blew off, the garage may have water damage. For attached garages, structural damage to the walls and support beams may need to extend to the shared wall with the house. Getting these repairs done helps protect your home from additional wind or rain damage.