technician out on a service call

Questions to Ask During a Garage Door Service Call

When homeowners are looking to have their garage door repaired, they are usually thinking about what thing, who can fix this problem. Although that is certainly the goal, there are a number of other things that need to be taken into consideration. The following includes a list of questions to ask during a garage door service call.

Can You Offer an Estimate During a Service Call?

The very first thing you must ask your repairman is if they can offer an estimate during the service call. This is important to ask because it’s likely that you want your door repaired as soon as possible. If they have to come in, inspect and go back to their office to provide you an estimate, it may take days until you receive an answer. Fortunately, most garage door service Los Angeles companies will be able to present you with an estimate.

How Long Will the Repairs Take?

A professional garage door repairman will be able to provide you with a timeline of the work being done. They will also be able to present you with reasons as to the timeline being sent. This may include the labor and the time certain components take to ship to your location.

Should I Also Replace My Garage Door Opener?

If the damages to your door are extensive, your installer may recommend having it replaced. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to ask if you should replace your garage door opener as well. The reason for this is because certain doors are heavier than others, thus needing an opener with more horsepower.