How to Know If a Garage Floor Crack Is Serious

You may panic at the sight of a crack in your garage floor. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the garage is going to slide off its foundation or lead to damage throughout the rest of your home. Instead, it could simply mean that your new home or garage is settling or reacting to changes in temperature. How do you know if a crack should be cause for concern?

Assess the Condition of the Entire Garage

It is important that you assess the condition of the entire garage when determining if a cracked floor should be a concern as well. If there are cracks in the walls, a floor crack should be taken seriously. The same is generally true if a window is hard to open or the entire garage floor seems to be sloping in one direction. Ideally, you will have a Los Angeles garage repair professional come take a look at your garage and diagnose the situation for you.

How Big Is the Crack?

As a general rule, small cracks are nothing to be worried about. Conversely, larger cracks or those that run the entire length of the floor could signify that there is a problem lurking. You should also be concerned if there are multiple cracks or if they go deeper than a half an inch.

How Old Is the Home?

A home that has just been built should be expected to settle for a couple of years or more after it is complete. Therefore, if you live in a new property, don’t be concerned about small cracks or other signs that the home is settling. Furthermore, cracks in new floors could be signs of poor workmanship as opposed to serious defects with the garage’s foundation.