Best Garage Door Types for a Beach Home

Owning or renting out a beachside home is often the dream of many. Who doesn’t want to live right by the sea and soak up the warm sun each and every day? Although beachside living is great, it does come with its challenges. One of these includes the type of garage door you will be using during your stay. Due to the saltwater sprayed by the ocean, metals and other types of materials can easily be corroded. Therefore, the right materials should be chosen. Here are the best garage door types for a beach home.


Aluminum garage doors are not the most stylish doors to choose from, but they will get the job done and more. Aluminum garage doors are often the preferred choice for many beach house owners as they are not only rustproof, but many of them have vents on the bottom to allow air to flow during strong wind storms. These are also relatively low maintenance and could easily be fixed by Los Angeles garage door repair companies. If you’re worried about insulation, aluminum garage doors are much better at insulation than metal or timber garage doors. The only con when it comes to an aluminum garage door is that they are more expensive than other options. Other than that, this is a great material to have on a beachside home.

Glass Resin Polyester for a Beach Home Door

GRP garage doors or fiberglass doors, as they are also known as, can be a real benefit to those living within coastal cities. This is because not only are you getting the strength of fiberglass but also a very lightweight material that is resistant to the saltwater in the air. However, one of the downsides of opting in for this type of garage door is its poor insulation. This means that the elements such as cold fronts can affect it greatly, and it might not be the best of choices if you’re searching for something that needs little to no maintenance done on it.