Fireproof Garage Doors: What to Know

Fireproof garage doors are certified by a local or state Fire Marshall. They block fire and smoke for specific lengths of time according to their rating. A professional garage repair Los Angeles service will install a fireproof garage door.

What Is a Fireproof Garage Door

Garage doors are fire rated according to how much smoke and fire they block and for how long. They stop the spread of fire by compartmentalizing it. Not only is the material they are manufactured from fire-resistant, they also allow time for people to exit the building.

Some main features of a fire rated garage door:

• Compliance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards that regulate the installation and maintenance of doors. These standards must also be adopted by the state fire code

• Programmed to close when fire or smoke is detected

• Designed to allow for proper exit

Different Ratings for Fireproof Doors

Different types of fire doors have different ratings. You can choose a door that stops the movement of fire for three-quarters of an hour, an hour and a half, three or four hours. Some doors have smoke detectors with or without heat detectors. Some have alarms. Fireproof garage doors can also be compliant with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a green building rating, which means they are certified environmentally friendly.

Fireproof Door Maintenance

To maintain NFPA certification, a door must be examined by a professional garage door repair person annually. This is true for any door no matter how often it is used. Not only the alarm must be tested, but the opening and closing of the door should also be tested annually. There is a big difference between a door functioning properly during a fire and everyday use. If you are also looking for a security door combined with a fire door, you have to select that type of door. All fire-rated doors are not also security doors.