How to Convert a Manual Garage Door to an Automatic

Are you tired of lifting your heavy garage door every time you need to open it? Perhaps you’re tired of dashing away before the door slams shut on your foot. Manual garage doors are antiquated and for good reason. Here’s how you can convert a manual garage door to an automatic.

1. Determine the Right Conversion Kit to Convert a Manual Garage Door to an Automatic

Perhaps the most important aspect of conversion is the conversion kit. This can determine whether or not you need a new garage door. In some cases, you may need a Los Angeles garage door that rolls. In other cases, a side-hinged or sectional conversion kit may be all you need to convert it.

2. Add Safety Mechanisms

Another important part of converting is including safety mechanisms. You don’t want the system to slam your garage door close shut or close it too quickly. It’s also a good idea to include a motion detector. If something is in the way of where the garage door closes, it won’t close. Garage door collision detection is vital to ensuring its safety and your own.

3. Hire Professionals

Perhaps the most important decision to make is whether or not you should hire professionals to convert your manual garage door to an automatic one. The answer should always be yes. Unless you understand how gravity, weight, and pulley systems work, it’s a good idea to leave it in the hands of the professionals. They’ll carefully examine your manual garage and bring in the system that works best for it. In many cases, you should be able to use the same kind of garage door. In other instances, it may be time for a complete renovation of your garage. Either way, hiring a professional team can ensure that the conversion is safe and that your garage door functions correctly.