When to Replace Garage Door Panels or Entire Door

A garage door is a substantial investment on a home that should last you anywhere from 10-20 years at the very least. However, it’s always possible for inclement weather or impact with your car to damage the panels on your door, which means that the panels may need to be replaced or a new door will need to be installed. In order to identify which of these two options is right for you, it’s important that you know when each option should be used.

When You Might Need a New Door

In most cases, it’s possible to replace a panel or two on your garage door without needing to install a new door altogether. However, there are some scenarios wherein it would be more financially prudent to purchase a new door as opposed to panels. If your door is more than 15 years old, you should definitely consider replacing it. A new garage door may also be necessary if multiple panels have been damaged or cracked as the cost may not be much higher.

When to Replace Individual Garage Door Panels

If the damage that has occurred is localized on a single panel or is small in general, you may want to consider having the single panel replaced. The same is true in the event that the only issue is that the paint on one of the panels has started to flake or chip. Make sure that you obtain a free quote before deciding to purchase a new panel.

Other Options That May Be Possible

Although you may believe that the replacement of your garage door panels or the door itself is completely necessary, it’s possible that you may not even need to replace any of the panels or the door. In some situations, a small repair may be able to fix the issue, which is why you should consider selecting Los Angeles garage repairservices. This is also likely the most affordable option available to you in comparison to replacing individual panels or the entire door.