Avoiding Removing Garage Features When Hiring a Garage Remodeling Company

Garage remodeling and repairing your old garage is a more cost-effective option than replacing and removing your garage entirely. However, you should A) avoid doing the job yourself, and B) avoid taking out any architectural features from the current garage that could prove valuable and useful in the “new” garage.

Features You Should Keep During the Garage Remodeling Project

As you and your contractor look at the garage, there are some things you definitely need to keep. For one, keep the size of your garage if it is already quite large. It helps to have all that extra storage space for yard equipment and the storing of your cars and recreational vehicles. Two, keep any architectural features that make the garage unique, such as a hayloft style barn door opening from the second story.

If your garage has a second story, keep it but consider remodeling the space as a personal studio or a guest bedroom instead of a storage space. Thirdly, keep any working garage door openers because they can help hoist new garage doors just as easily as the old doors. It will make future repairs to your garage door easier.

Replace Garage Doors That Are Outdated

Be sure to replace any outdated garage doors unless their unique appearance adds to the beauty of the garage. An example would be carriage doors on a garage that used to be a carriage house where horses and carriages were kept. Otherwise, a garage door dating back more than 20 years, you should remove with something modern. If you already need a garage door repair in Long Beach, consider replacing the doors completely.

Always Keep Windows, Electricity, and Heating Appliances

If your garage came with its own furnace, electricity, and/or windows, keep these features too. The furnace prevents the garage from getting too cold in winter and it keeps your car warm enough to start on below-zero days. Electricity ensures that you always have a way to plug in something outside. Windows supply a ton of natural light and fresh air to the garage.