Garage Door Cables Won’t Last Forever

You may not think much of the cables and other components that make it possible for your garage door to open and close. For the most part, cables are designed to last for several years. However, they will not last indefinitely. Their useful lives are generally determined by weather conditions, how much you use the door and whether they are regularly serviced by trained professionals.

Cables Wear Faster When They Are Required to Work Harder

If you use your garage door multiple times per day, it will put more strain on the cables that are used to help it open and close. Over time, the cable can become frayed as it stretches and compresses. The fraying can happen at an even faster rate if it is exposed to cold weather or frequent temperature swings.

Why Does Cold Weather Wear Cables Faster?

Cables tend to get harder when they are subject to colder temperatures. This makes it harder for them to stretch out each time that the door is open. Eventually, this can result in weak spots developing on the cable, and that can increase the likelihood that the cable will eventually snap.

Best Practices When Replacing a Cable

The second that a garage door cable shows signs of wear, call a Los Angeles garage door repair company for help. If it is determined that a cable needs to be replaced, it is generally a good idea to have any other cables on the door replaced as well. This ensures that they are all strong enough to do their job properly. It also ensures that they can handle the same amount of weight or other stress that may be placed upon them.