2 Reasons a Garage Door Jumps Off Its Tracks

When your garage door jumps out of one or both tracks, it’s a serious problem that needs quick attention. A garage door is heavy, and it could fall on a family member or pet. The safest action is to call a company to provide a garage door repair in South Beach right away so the door doesn’t pose a safety hazard and so your garage is secure. Here are two reasons a garage door can jump off its tracks and how repairs are done.

1. Bolts Have Worked Loose

The garage door tracks are bolted tight to the wall. However, vibrations from closing and opening the door cause the bolts to work loose. Regular maintenance that includes tightening the bolts prevents this problem, but if maintenance has not been done, then the bolts get so loose the tracks shift and get out of alignment. This dangerous situation allows the track to jump out and leave one side of your garage door hanging. You may have some advanced notice of the problem if your garage door shakes or rattles as it opens and closes.

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2. Rollers Are Worn

Your garage door rolls up and down the track on rollers. Rollers can wear out over time and then they’re no longer secure in the tracks. A roller may pop out as the door vibrates when it opens and closes. Worn garage door rollers also make it easier for the door to pop out of the track if you bump the garage door with your car.


Have Your Tracks and Other Parts Inspected

The cause of a garage door slipping off the tracks isn’t always obvious. If you have inspected the rollers and bolts and everything appears fine, it’s a good idea to have a company that specializes in garage repair in Los Angeles check your garage door’s tracks and other key parts at least once a year. Taking this step can reduce your risk of having unexpected issues with your tracks. You’ll also save money since it’s much more cost-effective to deal with small issues, like rust that needs to be removed or a part or two that needs to be replaced, sooner instead of later.

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Professional Repairs Will Help | LA Garage Doors

A garage door specialist can replace the track and bolt it securely in place. A new track is needed if the event caused the metal of the old tracks to bend or twist. The specialist might also replace the rollers and lubricate them, so your garage door glides smoothly and is back in operation again.

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