Why Your Garage Door Is a Pain to Shut

Garage doors have multiple moving parts. some of which have metal to metal contact. It is inevitable that the functionality of one’s door will decline and closing it becomes more difficult. This is why regular maintenance should be completed, especially if you have trouble closing it shut.

An automatic closing system is even more complicated as you also have a motor on top of springs, hinges, chains, screws, and other parts. It is not hard to predict that something may go wrong after years of usage. Of course, there are obvious parts to check first, which is what this article will dive into.

Check Those Rollers

The rollers of the door are an essential part assuring that it has a smooth landing. When you have a squeaky door, this is the first place that you should check. They may need to be lubricated, replaced, or aligned properly so that it rolls smoothly. If your door jerks upward when trying to close, the rollers should be the first place to check. Having a professional install your new wheels is highly recommended as incorrect installations are a primary cause of squeaky doors.

Damage to the Track

It is not uncommon for bends, scuffs or other damage to occur to the track. This is commonly due to mishandling, rough shutting, or an improper installation. It is always a good idea to have a team of professionals to check out a new installation, especially if it was a DIY job.

Some garage owners will choose to remove dents or imperfections using a hammer. This DIY is not recommended as it may cause more harm than good. Specialized equipment and perfect levels are needed to assure the longevity of your door.


If things seem to rough, it may be time to call in an expert. Call up your local Los Angeles garage repair business to fix or touch up your door before something bad happens.