Garage Door Wind Damage

Garage Door Wind Damage and Possible Needed Repairs

When your house experiences storms and high winds, any number of issues can arise that will require professional repair work including damage to your home garage. Here are some important things to consider, brought to you by the specialists in garage door repair in Los Angeles, that will help you determine if repairs are needed for garage door wind damage.

Do You Notice a Bent Garage Door Panel or Track?

Heavy winds can exert extreme forces on your garage door. Positive wind pressure pushes in on the door while negative wind pressure acts as a suction that pulls on your door. In either case, this intense force can create dents or bends in your garage door panels which will be noticeable on visual inspection and should be corrected quickly.

The pressure can also pull on the door hard enough to dislodge the door track from its proper position. Check for bends in the track or areas of the track that are misaligned from the rollers. Both of these situations would prevent the door from working properly and may require a call to the professionals for assistance.

Schedule a Maintenance Call Now After Garage Door Wind Damage

When the garage door itself or the garage door track becomes dislodged, bent or damaged in any way this also puts pressure on the other components of your garage door. Additional garage door wind damage can rear its head in overly stretched garage door springs and cables, loosened screws and hinges and other concerns. If the damage is subtle, it may not be noticeable at first but could quickly become exacerbated by the use of the door, any of which could leave you with a dangerous situation and additional repair bills in the near future.

For this reason, if you have suffered any wind damage, this would be a great time to schedule a routine maintenance visit and inspection along with your repair. A bit of preventative medicine after a windstorm could help keep your garage door stable and running smoothly without unnecessary interruption.