When you are repairing or installing a garage door on your Los Angeles home, it is important to be aware of the building code requirements so that you will be in compliance. The city specifies details about noise ratings, materials and more.

Los Angeles Building Codes for Garage Doors

The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety is the agency responsible for issuing permits that allow exterior doors to be replaced. If you are changing the size of your garage door or have to replace the door jamb or frame as a part of garage repair in Los Angeles, you will also need to file two copies of your building plan with the permit office. Read on for additional details on building codes for garage door installations and repairs in Los Angeles.

Building Codes for Noise Level

If your Los Angeles home is located within the located within a municipal airport noise boundary, you will need to comply with building codes related to noise levels. If your home is in the 65 dB to 69 dB area, you must have a door with a minimum laboratory sound transmission class rating of 35 dB or higher. Homes in the 70 to 74 dB noise boundary must have a door rating of 40 dB or higher. If your home is in the 75 dB and higher boundary area, you need a garage door with a rating of 40 dB and another seal with a 30 dB rating.

Wind, Debris and Fire Requirements for Garage Doors

Los Angeles is no stranger to high winds that cause airborne debris. Because of this, the local codes require impact-resisting standard or ANSI/DASMA 115 for garage doors. Wildfires are also a common problem in and around Los Angeles. If the door does not already have a fire-resistance rating, it must be faced with aluminum, steel, fiberglass, wood or other approved materials. The thickness required for those materials depends on the core material of the garage door. Garage door springs made of hard-drawn spring wire must conform to ASTM A227 06 standards.