Reasons to Keep Your Garage Door Closed at Night

Garages are extensions of residential properties and a common place to store personal belongings or keep pets. Many homeowners find convenience in keeping their garage door cracked or open overnight, which can lead to several issues. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to keep your garage door closed overnight.

Avoid Break-Ins

One of the most obvious reasons it’s important to keep the garage door shut at night is because it can invite break-ins from intruders who are targeting homes. Vehicles and valuables can be easy to access for thieves if they can walk into the garage through a door that is left open. In some cases, it can even give intruders access to the rest of the building, which will pose a threat to residents. Keep the door shut and if necessary, lock the feature for added security and protection.


Intruders aren’t the only unwelcome guests you’ll get if you leave the door open overnight. Many homeowners leave the garage door open in warm weather conditions or to keep the air circulating in the garage, but this can quickly become an issue. You can also invite different critters and animals who are looking for food or shelter into the building, which can lead to infestations. Avoid leaving the door open anytime you’re not present in the garage.

Damaged Parts

Many people are unaware that leaving a garage door cracked or halfway open for several hours can put excess pressure and stress on the parts and mechanisms of the product. Leaving it partially open can allow fresh air into the garage but can also cause the product to break. Most doors weight 225 to 400 pounds, which can put added tension on the springs, tracks, and rollers. In some cases, this can lead to damage and require garage door service in Los Angeles from a professional to restore the operation of the feature.