windstorm damage

How to Fix Windstorm Damage to Your Garage Door

Your garage is protecting your vehicles and other belongings from the elements, but that means it takes the brunt of extreme weather. High winds can push your door off track or dent it, causing dangerous windstorm damage. This is why California has state standards for garage door wind protection. If your Los Angeles garage door was damaged by a storm, here are a few tips that may help.

Evaluate the Windstorm Damage

Windstorms usually affect the bottom of the door the most. If it is very bad, it may create an opening for unwanted people and animals to enter. You can check if the rollers are still on the track or if they have been blown off by using the remote opener to see how the door reacts. Don’t try to force the door to close or open because you could cause much more damage that is already done.

Call Your Home Insurance Company

If your garage door is destroyed, you will need to install a new one. This is where your insurance company can help. If the damage is relatively minor, you may prefer to pay for the repair rather than have your insurance company pay. The deductible may be more than the cost of the repairs anyway, so it’s better just to pay for it on your own.

Follow the State Codes of Windstorm Damage

Even if the windstorm damage to your garage door is minor, it must be compliant to California State Codes for wind damage protection. A local professional will know those codes and will make sure your door is repaired correctly.

Garage doors need to function properly to be safe. This includes automatic opening sensors to protect children and pets. If your door needs to be repaired in Los Angeles, each part of the door, springs, tracks and motor need to be inspected to make sure they are working.