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Top Garage Door Colors That Pop in 2020

When you want to make a real difference in how the exterior of your home looks, then you need to consider garage door colors that pop. Your garage door is a large and blank canvas. Why not have fun with it? Here are a few color ideas and things to keep in mind when you call for garage door service in Los Angeles to have your garage door painted.

garage door los angeles1. Garage Door Colors That Pop the Most

If you want some serious contrast in the color scheme of your home, then you’ll want to choose bold colors like black and dark grey. Both are modern and sleek. To really make them pop, however, the rest of the garage needs to be a lighter color. You may want to consider white or cream siding against a black or dark grey garage door. Or a light-colored natural stone like brick or even just stone might go well with a darker-hued garage door.

Make sure you think about your driveway as well. A black asphalt driveway may not look as well against a black garage door then a lighter concrete driveway.

2. Fun Bold Colors

If you want to add some personality to your home, then you might want to go with bold garage colors like yellow, red, and blue. Yellow and red can attract the eye immediately to your home. Dark blues can make your home look modern and stately.


3. Keep Color Contrast in Mind

When planning for garage door colors that pop, you also need to keep the rest of your home’s exterior in mind. Certain colors may bleed into the rest of the exterior and become lost. They won’t be bold if they don’t stand out. Color contrast is vital for making the colors pop.