Removing and Hiding Dings and Dents in Garage Doors

Many Los Angeles garage doors are beautiful and add real value to their homes in terms of curb appeal. A lot of these doors are made from steel and aluminum rather than wood because maintenance is easier. Nevertheless, that metal construction makes them susceptible to dings and dents from children’s balls and bikes, debris kicked up from lawnmowers and trimmers and even taps from vehicle bumpers. The good news is that there are ways to remove these imperfections or at least lessen their visibility.

Clean the Affected Area

Any rubber, dirt or other residue is going to make the dent more noticeable and look deeper. The first step is to clean the area with a household cleaning agent. Often, warm water and dish soap is more than enough. You can use a commercial cleaning agent for particularly stubborn marks.

Touch-Up the Dent

If the mark is still noticeable, then you can use touch-up paint. Try to match the color as precisely as possible, and if possible, use a slightly flatter paint. Flat paint avoids glare, which should avoid the shadows that make these dents more obvious and seem deeper and larger.

Pressurized Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal is often associated with automobiles but can be employed with almost any type of sheet metal or fiberglass. As long as the metal isn’t torn, a professional can apply pressure via appropriate tools to relieve the indentation and motivate the metal to reclaim its original shape.

Fill the Cavity

If the metal is torn or the cavity is too deep, then your final option is to have a professional fill it in. A bonding material is used to fill the cavity. Once it sets, it can be sanded down to be flush with the surface. Finally, the area can be touched up, or the entire door can be repainted.