Will Your Garage Door Springs Last?

Garage door springs act as one of the most important parts of your garage system. You probably use your garage door every single day. So how long will your garage door springs last before you need to get them fixed or replaced? How can you make them last longer?

The Average Life of a Garage Door Spring

You can estimate the life expectancy of your garage door easily. Most homeowners open and close their garage door four times every day. Many garage door springs have a cycle of about 10,000 uses. This means that, on average, your garage door springs will last seven years. If the springs on your garage door have a higher cycle of uses, the spring can last up to 20 years.

Causes Garage Door Springs Aging

Sometimes the springs on your garage door can wear down in wet climates. When water gets on the metal, that environment can cause the metal to rust. Rust then causes increased friction, which causes the spring to wear down over time.

Extending the Life of Your Garage Door Springs

You can easily extend the lifespan of your garage door springs in your home garage. Stop the formation of rust by spraying the springs with a silicone coating spray once every few months. Don’t use WD-40 as this spray acts as a lubricant rather than a silicone coating spray. WD-40 also destroys paint, so this acts as another reason to avoid this product.

You should also take some time to listen to your springs on your garage as often as possible. If you hear any noise that seems strange to you, call the experts in garage door repair Los Angeles. A technician can come to your home, look at the problem, and fix the issue. Once the garage door expert fixes or replaces your garage door springs, you can rest easy knowing that your springs will last for years.