Common Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Replacement

While most people use their garage doors on a daily basis, most don’t give them a second thought unless they start to malfunction. Despite their durable build, doors are susceptible to damage. Constant exposure to the elements and the continual movement of their mechanical parts put them at risk. You need to be able to recognize signs of trouble early on before they become a bigger problem. The sooner you detect damage, the sooner you can be proactive and get the garage door service that you need to keep your investment functioning.

Strange Noises

Modern garage doors are designed to operate quietly. They move on smooth tracks that help to minimize vibrations. If you start to notice excessive garage door noise or unwanted movement during operation, you may be dealing with damage to the tracks and springs. A professional garage door repair technician in Los Angeles will be able to diagnose the issue and come up with a fix that takes care of the jarring noise once and for all.

Increased Energy Bills

The garage can be a source of rising energy costs. Most spaces don’t have adequate insulation or duct work. Every time you open the door, you’re making the HVAC system work overtime to regulate the temperature. If you have a damaged door, this process occurs throughout the day. Small breaks in the door seal will cause air to leak out, making it impossible to keep your home at one temperature. You can easily solve this problem by getting the weather seal repaired or replacing the unit entirely with an insulated garage door.

Slow Response

A delay between the time you press the button for your garage door opener and the actual rising of the door may indicate that there’s an issue you need to deal with. There may be a problem with the remote communications on the opener itself or the door may be out of balance. Tension springs that are not calibrated properly will prevent the door from moving like it’s supposed to. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to get professional assistance whenever you experience garage door problems. Getting service at the first sign will ensure that your home is always protected.