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Garage Door Troubleshooting That Could Save You Time and Money

While many difficult garage door repairs are best left to the professionals to ensure safety and proper care, there are several basic repair jobs that every homeowner will want to know about. Try these garage door troubleshooting techniques and ideas from your Los Angeles garage door repair experts before you make the call to your local repairman.

Check for a Variety of Transmitter Issues

If your garage door is no longer being obedient to your trusty remote, that should tell you the first place to check for problems. The issue could be as simple as needing a new remote battery or being sure to activate the remote within proper range of the door. If you find that your garage door is opening and closing randomly without your permission, it could be a frequency conflict with a neighboring house. You will then need to check your operator’s manual and find out how to simply switch your device to a different frequency. Lastly, check around the antenna to make sure there are no obstructions that could be weakening or crushing your signal entirely.

Give Your Garage Door Rollers and Rails a Good Inspection

The constant wear and tear on your garage door mechanism often tends to shift the moving parts out of place. Check your rollers and rails to ensure that you have a good connection between the two all along the door’s path. If you notice any gaps, find that the rail is not straight or can hear a scraping sound when you operate the door, you need to make adjustments quickly before the problem becomes worse with additional use. Grab a screwdriver and loosen the screws that attach the track to the frame, realign the parts in the proper places and re-tighten the screws to set things back on track.

Include the Manual Lock in Your Garage Door Troubleshooting

This is a step often overlooked in garage door troubleshooting. Many older doors and some newer ones include a manual lock device on the garage door itself. This lock is typically located in the middle of the door and can be accidentally engaged in a variety of ways. If this happens, the door won’t open at all when you engage the system. If this is the case, simply inspect the lock and disengage the bars to allow your door to move freely again.