How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Garage

The garage is often a space that is easy to access for outside animals and critters because it’s less secure than the rest of the building and often has many cracks and holes that are often present. Once rodents get into the garage, it can often lead to damage and can create a mess due to their droppings and if they chew up your personal belongings. If you’re ready to keep rodents out of the garage, here are a few necessary steps to take as a homeowner to protect the space.

Repair or Replace the Garage Door

Hire professional garage repair Los Angeles to tighten seals around points of access. You may also need to replace the weather sealing on the garage door where the critters are able to sneak through if it’s loose or missing. Some garage doors need to be replaced if they have holes that are present or there are part of the door that are damaged or missing.

Reinforce the Garage Door

If you find rats or mice in your garage, it may be a sign that the weatherstripping isn’t sufficient on the door and is allowing large gaps to be present. You can also consider adding an extra barrier with garage door rodent seals that can be installed. Garage door rodent seals are constructed with both rubber and metal for extra durability. The rubber seals can often be reinforced with stainless steel door jamb seals. Although rats and mice are known to chew through the rubber, they won’t be capable of causing damage to the steel that is in place.

Remove the Attractants

There are many items that may be present in your garage that are attracting rodents. Seal any containers that store pet food or water. It’s also necessary to seal any trash cans that are stored in the garage, which can attract rodents due to their smell or odor. Clearing away clutter will also prevent rodents from finding hiding places where they can hang around or find shelter.