If you’re looking to install or replace a garage door, you may have a few questions regarding your options. The following includes information regarding the variety in garage door styles and which route you should take.

Types of Garage Door Styles

If your home garage is street-facing, then it must be a part of the entire home aesthetic. Because of the size of the home garage, it is important to ponder the decision before you when it comes to the garage door. Choosing the wrong garage door style might not just ruin your home aesthetics, but it can also be a total inconvenience as not all doors are created equal. Therefore, the following includes a list of some of the types of garage doors on the market today.

Sectional Garage Door Style

Perhaps the most popular garage door in the country, the sectional door is constructed from several panels connected by hinges. This door is connected to a tracking system that runs from the entry and up to the ceiling of your garage. Because this garage door isn’t one solid piece, the panels can easily bend a bit and fit snuggly on top of your garage. Lastly, the lightweight material and durability of the garage door make it a preferred option for many new homeowners. If you have any questions regarding this type of garage door, you may contact a company that performs garage door repair in Long Beach for further information.

Roll-Up Garage Doors

Although you may find these more within commercial areas, they are not limited to businesses. In fact, many homeowners prefer this type of garage door style due to its ability to fit more vertically within the garage. This is usually beneficial to homeowners that have large vehicles and could benefit from additional headspace.

Slide to the Side Garage Doors

If you don’t find the look of a commercial roll-up garage door, you still have one more option. The slide to the side door is exactly as the name implies; it slides right to the side of your garage. Going this route allows you to have a functional garage door that doesn’t just provide extra headspace but looks great within a residential area.