What Is That Noise?

If your garage door is making weird noises, it is time to call a repair company. For most doors, there is an occasional squeak or clunk. When these noises happen on a regular basis, you should be concerned. A company that specializes in garage door repair in Los Angeles can help you deal with these noises.

Booms and Thumps

Loud clunking noises happen when the door moves up and down. These noises can be caused by a bad tension spring. When you hear this noise, the spring will need to be replaced. You can take a look over the door and see if the springs are broken. If they are damaged, you need to call a repair company right away.


This is a noise that also occurs when the door opens and closes. This noise is caused by various issues. In most cases, it is the coils or springs rubbing against each other. Your spring may even have rust on the surface that causes the noise. Defective or broken rollers can also make a clinking noise when they are ready to fall off.


Squeaks are often heard on a consistent basis. These sounds are caused by a lack of lubrication between the frame and the weatherstripping on the garage door. Most of these parts are made of PVC. In some climates, they can dry out without proper lubrication.


Metallic grinding sounds can be a huge concern for you. A worn chain or belt on the garage door opener causes these sounds. In most cases, the opener is forcing a metal chain through the gears. If a link is missing in the chain, you will hear a grinding sound.

Time to Call a Repair Company

When you hear any of these sounds, you need to call a professional company out to your home. In some cases, the issue can be resolved in the initial visit. You never want to tackle garage door repairs by yourself. It is important to call a technician with expert training in garage door repairs.