3 Steps to Take If You Damage Your Garage Door

Have you run into your garage door? It’s not uncommon to hit your garage door if you forget to press your opener or you’re tired from work. The most important thing you can do in this situation is to calmly assess the situation. Before you assume that you’re dealing with a completely broken garage door, you should follow these simple diagnostic steps:

1. Assess the Damage

Take a deep breath, and get out of the car. Take a look at the garage door damage, and try to assess whether or not the garage door is still able to open and shut. If you’ve only slightly dented your door, you might be able to buff out the damage relatively easily. But if your door is severely dented or warped out of shape, you might need to scrap what you have and install an entirely new garage door.

2. Contact the Experts

The next step is to contact a competent and experienced Los Angeles garage door repair company. You’ll then be able to schedule an appointment with a technician in which they can professionally assess the damage to your door. After you hang up, you should remain patient and avoid attempting any repairs before you’ve consulted with the experts.

3. Consider Your Options

Once a certified garage door repair technician is on the scene, they’ll be able to advise you of your prospects. It’s commonly the case that the damage to your garage door can be fixed within a single afternoon of conscientious labor. However, in some cases, the cost to repair your garage door can exceed the price to buy a new one. You’ll need to carefully consider your options with the help of your preferred garage door repair company in Los Angles.